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DPA In Primary Schools

Dynamic Performing Arts believe that participation in extracurricular activities is key to a well-rounded education as it nurtures resilience, commitment, strong relationships and a willingness to engage beyond that which is mandatory, which can be enormously enriching.

DPA can offer extracurricular Dance and Musical Theatre clubs to Primary Schools that are tailor-made to suit the schools needs and pupils’ interests. Our breakfast & lunchtime clubs can last for 30 minute & our after-school clubs can last 1-2 hours. The children do not need to leave school as the classes will begin before the school day at 8am or when the schools day finishes.

DPA in Primary Schools

All the classes are taught by our industry professionals who will encourage and engage the pupils though our inspiring and enriching classes.

We offer extracurricular clubs in:

Musical Theatre, Drama, Ballet, Street dance, Modern dance, Tap & Acro dance.

What are the benefits?

The clubs will allow the pupils to mix with existing friends in a new and stimulating environment as they enhance their social & physical skills. The weekly sessions will develop the children’s confidence, communication and concentration. The carefully planned classes will stimulate the children’s creativity and broaden their opportunities to explore new skills.

How to organise a DPA club

The setup or a DPA club is minimal, all we would need is a school hall or large classroom to deliver the sessions, parents would just need to book their child into the club directly through our online payment system found on the DPA website before the start of each term.


If you organise the co-curricular clubs at your school and would like us to run a dance or Musical Theatre club then please get in contact. We would love to share our passion and our classes with as many children as possible.

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