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Dynamic Tots in Nurseries

Dynamic Tots in Nurseries

We have offered our active and creative Dynamic Tots Dance classes in Nurseries and Pre-School settings for the past 10 years. The Dynamic Tots programme has been specifically and carefully planned for young children and follows the Early Years Foundation stage guidelines. Our 30 minute sessions are aimed at children aged 2-5 years.

Each week the children are taken on a new and exciting adventure which will be brought to life through pictures, music, props, dance and imaginative play which will engage the children as they develop new physical and social skills.

What are the benefits?

The Dynamic Tots sessions will enhance the children’s, communication, creativity, confidence and concentration as they learn about the world around them and themselves. It is also a great class to ensure the children get their 30 minutes of required physical activity.

What is the cost?

We can work alongside the nurseries settings and needs. We currently have nurseries who pay us directly allowing all their pupils to participate in the class. Alternatively, the parents can pay us directly for their child to attend the Dynamic Tots class scheduled at the nursery.

The cost for the nursery is £30.00 per 30 minute class (15 pupils max). A reduced rate is available if you book 2 classes per day. Parents paying us directly would pay £5.50 per 30 minute class. Our classes would have to be booked on a termly basis.

We can also offer our Dynamic Tots classes & entertainment for special occasions such as Christmas, summer and graduation parties.

DPA Milo Monkey
DPA Mariella Monkey

For more information on what Dynamic Tots can offer your Nursery or Pre-School, please get in contact today. We promise we will bring an extra bit of sparkle to your weekly schedule.

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